Tournament Report Tuesday: Weiss Schwarz (Bushiroad World Championship 2015)

Hey everyone, thenightsshadow again.  I know it’s not Tuesday, but I wanted to post this early for the benefit of a few people who wanted it.  I don’t know whether to say I’m happy or sad about my result.  I’m both satisfied and disappointed, I know that.

For those that don’t know, this past weekend was Bushiroad’s World Championship, and I participated in the Weiss Schwarz tournament.  I finished 3rd in Swiss, and finished 6th overall.  Yeah, I made it to top 8, which was my previous ceiling, but I couldn’t break through it.  For now, I’m gonna be happy with where I got, but strive for a higher placing next time.

Anyways, before I get to the tournament report, let me actually post my decklist, because I’m certain there will be a lot of questions about it.  I hinted at it last Friday, and after the tournament was over, I posted only the colors I ran to great surprise.  In fact, after round 3, most of the whispering was about this “rogue Attack on Titan deck”, and it only got louder until people would sit down to face me and literally as, “are you playing that four-color Attack on Titan deck?”  Well, it’s not technically four-color, but it does utilize a set not typically featured.

3x “Guiding Force to the Truth” Armin
3x “Gentle Smile” Petra
4x “No. 1 Oddball” Hange
2x “A Chain of Tragedies” Mikasa
3x “104th Cadet Corps Class” Christa
1x “Calm and Collected” Mikasa

4x “Cool Personality” Levi
4x “Hope in the Darkness of Despair” Mikasa
3x “Healing Goddess” Christa

2x “Sudden Reinforcement” Eren Titan
3x “Threat to Humanity” Colossal Titan
3x “Broken Wall” Colossal Titan

4x “Resisting Fate” Levi
3x “Enormous Stature” Colossal Titan

4x The Wings of Freedom
4x And, in 850… …

Join me after the jump for the tournament report and how to play this deck.

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Finality Friday – World Championship 2015 (Bushiroad Games)

Finality Friday is a rundown of the general decks I have in mind as I prepare for the coming major tournaments of the area.  Since I play a lot of card games, it makes sense that I have a general idea of where I am in each deck, and can probably help others who don’t know how to prepare for a tournament.

Next weekend, specifically August 15 and 16, is going to be a heavy weekend.  I live in British Columbia, so in addition to all the card game tournaments, there’s going to be a major convention, called Anime Revolution, in the province as well.  As such, there will be a rather large split of people who would otherwise attend but will not be able to.  Now, that’s not to say that they’re all good or bad, but the less rounds you have to participate in in a tournament generally means the less focus you need to pour into a match.  Take it from me, a person who focuses better the more the moon is out, focus is quite an important resource you have to manage, especially if you don’t have unlimited amounts of it.

But even before I talk about focus, I have to talk about what games are available this weekend.  For those reading and don’t know, here’s a rundown of all the tournaments that are available next weekend:

Richmond – Executive Airport Plaza
– Cardfight Vanguard World Championship 2015 (Saturday, August 15)
– Weiss Schwarz World Championship 2015 (Sunday, August 16)
– Future Card Buddyfight World Championship 2015 (Sunday, August 16)

Prince Rupert – Good Times Games and Electronics
– Force of Will Western Canadian Nationals (Sunday, August 16)

Obviously, I can’t attend all the tournaments.  Heck, even if I go to Richmond, I can’t attend both Weiss and Buddyfight as they’re being held at the same time.  As such, I really have to determine what I’m entering, or else I’ll be preparing too many decks.  Let’s cover my decks, and then we can look at the act of preparing.  Gonna jump this because if you really want to know my decks, it’s worth doing a little click.

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Translation Thursday – Me Ga Au Toki

I’m back with another Translation~

Me Ga Au Toki is a Personal and Image Song of Chihaya Kisaragi from the game and anime series Idolm@ster.  It was probably the song that got me thinking once again about my bias against Idol groups in general since the song resonated quite a bit with me.  It got to the point where I obtained a signed Climax of this song in Weiss Schwarz despite not playing Idolm@ster as a series at that time.  I now have a deck containing only cards with Chihaya on them, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, Me Ga Au Toki roughly translates to “The Moment (our) Eyes Met”.  As you can imagine, this is a romance-focused song.  Well, follow me after the drop for a YouTube link and my lyrics.

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Weiss Wednesday – Dispelling the Double Attack Myth

==This article is rated Experience Level 7.==
Level 7 – This article is perfect for budding tournament players that wish to understand more about doing well in tournaments and increasing their win rate.

On Weiss Wednesday, aims to look at a particular aspect of the game of Weiss Schwarz and breaks it down.

Today’s aspect is cards that can “Attack” more than once.

In general, the concept seems great.  Dealing multiple instances of damage will lend itself to an opponent taking more damage on average, and in some cases will grant the user a win where they would have otherwise lost.  However, this seems to be a hard and fast rule in the world of Weiss Schwarz, and there are times when utilizing these effects is not the correct move.  I’ll explain after the jump.

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Topical Tuesday – What Kind of Gamer Are You?

Topical Tuesday is a simple section where I answer people’s questions that may be too long for just a simple post or tweet.  I also use this section for times when there is a topic I have to talk about.  Sometimes it’s gaming related, sometimes it’s personal, but it’s always a topic.

Anyways, today’s question comes from a Twitter PM.

“You seem to have a wide assortment of games you play, based on your tweets.  Based on your links and follows, you play video games, board games, and card games.  Can you identify which of these you mostly play now, and why?”

The answer is a lot simpler than you think, but I think you’re actually asking a question based on imperfect data.  I’ll explain what I mean after the jump.

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