This Week in Card Games – September 25, 2015

Oh boy, this week.  I was all ready to hype the release of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn to my FLGS, but of course, something trumps that.

I’m talking about Force of Will, actually, and the debacle at their first global World Championships (there was one prior but only for Japan).

It hasn’t caught much attention outside of the Force of Will community, so you may not know what happen.  If you’re interested, I’ll list them here, and then explain after the jump why this is bad and what they can do to fix it in the future.

Firstly, during Swiss Rounds, a card was mistranslated into English, and while all other regions besides Japan were told by official judges to play it one way (based on the wording of the card in English), the original Japanese text stated a different way, and as such the Head Judge ruled in favor of the Japanese player.

Secondly, during the Finals, a ruling was given that was later deemed incorrect by the presiding judge (because the Head Judge was unavailable), and play continued before it could even be appealed.

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