Weiss Wednesday – Mini-Discussion: The Plus 2 Soul Climax

This article is rated Experience Level 2.  This article is perfect for players who have chosen a set and wish to understand their set better, or need help in recognizing what playstyle would suit them best.

Apologies once again for the delay in posts, I’ve been gearing up for WGP this weekend, and as such have been putting a lot of my spare time into deckbuilding and practice.   And of course, my dietary change, which has taken some adjusting to again.

Anyways, since I’m on the topic of Weiss, let’s take this opportunity to talk about one of the of the most bemoaned cards in the history of Weiss: the Plus 2 Soul Climax.  To a Beginner, this is one of the fastest ways to swing for a lot of damage.  To an Intermediate, this is a detestable Climax, only good for dealing burn damage with a Climax Combo, because the amount of damage dealt with each character is overkill.  To a Pro, this Climax has its damaging merits only before an opponent’s first refresh, and is useful afterwards only as a Climax to cancel damage.

I think I may have simplified each experience level’s viewpoints, but overall the trend tends to be along those lines.  With that said, it’s time to throw most of it away.  Just because I was taught a certain way doesn’t mean I can’t question why and understand the full reason behind a card’s usefulness or lack of usefulness, and it’s not a bad way to live life, though that’s for another topic.

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