Weiss Schwarz: General Thoughts on the Mulligan to Final 5

Hello everyone, it’s Hanbe again. Hopefully my previous post provided some insight as to how some decks work and how Kaleidoscope Illya builds struggled. This time I will try to provide some general insight on the mulligan to final 5. In Weiss Schwarz, your final 5 cards before the game starts can greatly affect the flow of your game. As such, it is important to give this action some thought before you make your decision to discard up to 5 and draw for each discarded card. There are many things to consider when making this decision; examples include but are not limited to: number of level 0 characters in hand, number of key characters in hand, number of climaxes in hand, which player is going first, and experience requirements. Continue reading Weiss Schwarz: General Thoughts on the Mulligan to Final 5

Weiss Wednesday – Banlist Update

(The card analysis portion of this article was first posted on 9th CX, and since the content found was primarily for that website, I asked permission to be able to post it here as well.  The link can be found here.)

This article is rated for all Experience Levels.  This article is perfect for all players, and focuses on sweeping changes that can affect all levels of players.

The Ban List occurred last month, and with it came a lot of questions.  Why was X card put on the ban list?  Why was Y card not put on the ban list?  I’d like to take the time right now to explain each of the cards in question, explaining why said card is now on the ban list, now off the list, still on the list, or why it isn’t on the list.  Let’s get to it.

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