Weiss Schwarz: General Thoughts on the Mulligan to Final 5

Hello everyone, it’s Hanbe again. Hopefully my previous post provided some insight as to how some decks work and how Kaleidoscope Illya builds struggled. This time I will try to provide some general insight on the mulligan to final 5. In Weiss Schwarz, your final 5 cards before the game starts can greatly affect the flow of your game. As such, it is important to give this action some thought before you make your decision to discard up to 5 and draw for each discarded card. There are many things to consider when making this decision; examples include but are not limited to: number of level 0 characters in hand, number of key characters in hand, number of climaxes in hand, which player is going first, and experience requirements.

In the mulligan to final 5, the number of level 0 characters in hand can greatly affect how many cards you discard. This should come as no surprise because both players start the game at level 0 and can only play level 0 cards. Without any level 0 characters in your final 5, you can expect to fall behind in the early game and struggle with building early-game stock. Similarly, having a hand full of level 0 characters in your final 5 can cause problems mid-game and late-game if your deck does not provide sufficient hand fixing options through searching or salvaging.  As such, players should aim to strike an appropriate balance for their deck and play-style when proceeding to mulligan to final 5.

After having made some thought regarding your deck’s level 0 play, it is time to consider your level 1. Generally, you want to ensure you have certain key cards in-hand for level 1. This will vary depending on your deck. Example key cards include but are not limited to: characters with brainstorm abilities that search or salvage, characters with climax combos that generate card advantage, characters with abilities in memory (anti-heal Hibiki, anti-burn Yuu, etc.).  Depending on what your opening 5 cards were, you can start preparing for level 1 as early as the mulligan to final 5.  This is because you can expect level 0 to generally last 2 or 3 turns at most.

For example, I am going first and I am playing my To-Lewd Ru Yellow/Green deck with an opening hand consisting of: 2 “お座り”美柑  “Sitting” Mikan, 1 “可愛いパジャマ”美柑 “Cute Pajama” Mikan, and 2 “衣服の整理”美柑 “Organizing Clothes”Mikan. I would consider discarding both “お座り”美柑 “Sitting” Mikan cards and 1 “衣服の整理”美柑 “Organizing Clothes”Mikan to draw 3 other cards to form my final 5.  Whereas I am going first, I am not privy to information like “What neo-standard series is my opponent playing?”, “How many climaxes did my opponent discard?”, etc. Thus, I am discarding “お座り”美柑 “Sitting” Mikan because her assist and anti-salvage abilities are non-essential to my gameplay at all levels, and there are plenty of other level 0s remaining in my deck that can serve me better at level 0.  She would be more valuable if I was privy to information such as “my opponent is playing Kantai Collection and the discarded cards hint a Tenryuu/Tatsuta build”.  Although “衣服の整理”美柑 “Organizing Clothes”Mikan is key to my level 1 game, without a solid level 0, I will simply fall behind.  As such, discarding one of the two allows me to somewhat prepare for that level 1 whilst giving me an extra chance at getting a better level 0 hand for final 5.  I opt against discarding both “衣服の整理”美柑 “Organizing Clothes”Mikan because there are only 2 remaining in a 45 card deck and the chances of drawing more are slim.  Although I could always brainstorm with “可愛いパジャマ”美柑 “Cute Pajama” Mikan to search for her, my level 1 game is much stronger if I can search out “明日につながる記憶”ヤミ “Memory Connecting the Future” Yami to go alongside with “衣服の整理”美柑 “Organizing Clothes”Mikan.  With all that in mind, I mulligan to a final 5 of: “可愛いパジャマ”美柑 “Cute Pajama” Mikan,  “衣服の整理”美柑 “Organizing Clothes”Mikan, and 3 other cards.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully this helps people with deciding how they mulligan to their final 5.


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