Translation Thursday – Miiro

I’m back with another Translation~

Miiro is a bit of an odd one to translate, because there are some things that are untranslatable about this song that’s important to note.  Firstly, in the game Kantai collection, you send out squadrons of up to 6 ships.  Traditionally, these were done with three in front and three in the back.  Secondly, Japanese believe very strongly in duality.  That is, good is always accompanied by bad.  There is in fact a calendar called Rokuyou, where, among other things, it showcases the days that you shouldn’t do a specific thing.  These two things are important because in each chorus you’ll notice six qualities or concepts that are signified by quotation marks.  The first three are the ships in front, signifying what is to lead the charge.  The back three are the support, if you will, and they are by far worse.  This helps to not only differentiate what is ahead but also what is behind.

Finally, and this is something of a personal interpretation, but I believe the singer is Mutsuki and the person saying the English lyrics is the Admiral.  In addition, Mutsuki can’t hear the Admiral.  This’ll make more sense if you’ve watched the Kantai Collection series.

Miiro translates to “Colors”, though what it means in this context is the spectrum of colors that is possible to see.  Follow me after the drop for a YouTube link and my lyrics.

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Weiss Wednesday – To Grow a Champion

This article is rated Level 9.  This article is perfect for those who aim for the title of World Champion, and who aim to keep this title.

As a child belonging to Asian parents, I can tell you frankly I’ve heard the phrase “It’s not good enough” way more than I care to mention.  As such, it’s always been my intention to try and never use such language when teaching those reading these articles and those I help person to person.  However, I can’t say that those words aren’t uttered with good intentions.  It is the pride of the teacher to see a student understand and succeed.  The language may be wrong but it certainly is well meant.  So what then?  Well, the best way to instruct is to establish a formula for growth.  Instead of raising the bar and teaching to aim higher, there needs to be something substantive that is within reach to establish growth inwardly.

For Weiss, the key to figuring out proper growth is to find out where you started, where you are, and where you plan to be.  This is a standard in goals and long-term planning for financing, especially for those that plan to buy a house or own a business, and translating that to Weiss can almost be done point for point.

Each point has its own importance, and I want to cover them in detail, but for brevity’s sake, let me list what I plan to talk about today.  I’ll provide my own personal example once we finish to showcase what exactly I’m talking about.

– Where did you start when you first started playing Weiss?
– Where are you now?
– Where do you plan to be next year, or next tournament?

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Weiss Wednesday – The Allure of Comfort

This article is rated Experience Level 4.  This article is perfect for the new tournament player.

I still remember my first Weiss Tournament.  I believe the day was April 14, 2013.  I walked into Treasure Chest Games & Collectibles, my second time ever at the store.  I brought the only deck I had, an almost mono-Fate decklist from the Nanoha series.  I had no idea what to expect.  I was lucky in a way, the group had only just stared tournaments that year in February and the store was in the process of being recognized as an official store.  The nervousness as I sat down to play my first match, and the disbelief of the players who quickly found out what my deck did.  I ended up winning that tournament despite leaving early, and I got my full taste of what the game was going to be like.

Fast forward to today, and things are much different.  We have a solid and strong base, we have one of if not the largest North American WGP regionals, and we have a huge total playerbase.  It actually happened last Sunday, and I had the pleasure of judging for it, since I couldn’t play in it.  I got to see many different deckbuilds, their individual card choices helping or hurting them in their quest to win (or troll) the tournament.

While I’d like to mention a few players and their deckbuilds, I feel it wouldn’t be right to do so without permission, so let me mention about two others, who I can speak in general enough terms that it isn’t clear who they are.  These two people had very good decks, but it came down to some choices that day that ended up being poor ones.  I’d like to talk about one of those choices today, and that choice is comfort.
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