The Breakdown (The Revisiting) – Cardfight Vanguard – Ultrarare Miracle Collection Meta

This article is rated Experience Levels 3-6.  This article series is intended to cover a wide range of topics about particular sets, and will help players of all kinds when it comes to knowing their set or the set of an opponent.

Welcome back to The Revisiting, where I update previous articles’ builds to prepare for the new booster coming out.  With that quick blurb out of the way, here are my updated builds for the Ultrarare Miracle Collection Meta.  Use Ctrl+F to find the clan of your choice, or just continue onward until you find the one you want.


Royal Paladin

Grade 0 (17):
4x Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (Critical)
4x Flash Shield, Iseault (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Flogal (Critical)
1x Glyme (SV)
4x Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (Heal)

Grade 1 (12):
2x Knight Squire, Allen {TD version}
2x Lion Mane Stallion
4x Little Sage, Marron
4x Pongal

Grade 2 (10):
4x Blaster Blade
4x High Dog Breeder, Akane
2x Sage of Salvation, Benon

Grade 3 (9):
2x Alfred Early [Force Gift]
4x King of Knights, Alfred [Force Gift]
3x Soul Saver Dragon [Force Gift]

Grade 4 (2):
2x Exculpate the Blaster [Force Gift]

The finishing power of Exculpate the Blaster effectively gives the deck more finishers.  The search for Alfred Early this also gives the deck allows Alfred Early’s plus 2 to be more reliable and attainable without overloading the deck with him, which was the issue with the card previously.


Grade 0 (17):
3x Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa (Critical)
4x Dragon Monk, Genjo (Heal)
3x Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (Critical)
1x Lizard Runner, Undeux (SV)
2x Red Gem Carbuncle (Draw)
4x Wyvern Guard, Barri (Draw) [Sentinel]

Grade 1 (12):
2x Dragonic Gaias
2x Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
4x Flame of Hope, Aermo
4x Lizard Soldier, Raopia

Grade 2 (11):
4x Berserk Dragon
4x Dragon Knight, Nehalem
3x Spillover Dragon

Grade 3 (10):
2x Cruel Dragon [Force Gift]
4x Dragonic Overlord [Force Gift]
4x Dragonic Waterfall [Force Gift]

Kagero doesn’t change even with Dragonic Nouvelle Vague available, since Waterfall is a stronger finisher and doesn’t make the deck imbalanced.  Nouvellecritic Dragon has to hit and while that makes it a good pressure Unit that’s still another piece the deck has to fit in.  Stick with the original build.  My build’s a bit different because I’m experimenting playing Kagero with the 12/11/10 set instead of the traditional 14/11/8 I’ve been playing with this entire time.

Nova Grappler

Grade 0 (17):
1x Battleraizer (SV)
4x Cannonball (Front)
4x Red Lightning (Critical)
4x Turboraizer (Front)
4x Twin Blader (Draw) [Sentinel]

Grade 1 (10):
4x Jetraizer
2x Queen of Heart
4x Raizer Custom

Grade 2 (12):
4x King of Sword
4x Hi-Powered Raizer Custom
4x Iron Killer

Grade 3 (11):
4x Asura Kaiser [Accel Gift]
1x Battledore Fighter [Accel Gift]
4x Maximum Raizer
2x Perfect Raizer [Accel Gift]

I found myself wanting draws so I moved to 8 Front and 4 Critical to accommodate the Draws.  I tried 6 and 6 but the Fronts were much better when I didn’t draw properly or when opponents hit Damage Triggers, which could still happen.

Oracle Think Tank

Grade 0 (17):
1x Lozenge Magus (SV)
4x Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical)
4x Psychic Bird (Critical)
4x Sphere Magus (Heal)
4x Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist (Draw) [Sentinel]

Grade 1 (12):
4x Circle Magus
3x Farfalle Magus
1x Goddess of Forebearance, Ohmiyanome
2x Goddess of Tide of Times, Mizunohame
2x Luck Bird

Grade 2 (11):
3x Goddess of Insight, Sotoorihime
4x Promise Daughter
2x Silent Tom
2x Yellow Witch, MeMe

Grade 3 (10):
4x CEO Amaterasu [Protect Gift]
4x Imperial Daughter [Protect Gift]
2x Victorious Deer [Protect Gift]

There isn’t much of a change with Oracle Think Tank.


Grade 0 (17):
4x Archbird (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Black Cannon Tiger (Critical)
1x Dragon Egg (SV)
4x Savage Aggressor (Critical)
4x Savage Shaman

Grade 1 (12):
4x Sonic Noa
4x Vicious Claw Dragon, Laceraterex
4x Winged Dragon, Beamptero

Grade 2 (11):
3x Assault Dragon, Blightops
4x Ravenous Dragon, Megarex
4x Savage Raider

Grade 3 (10):
4x Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex [Accel Gift]
3x Savage King [Accel Gift]
3x Tyrant, Deathrex [Accel Gift]

Tachikaze’s deck doesn’t really change, but their tactics do.  You’ll want to be a lot more aggressive against almost every deck, and take advantage of Gigarex’s massive power with every swing.

Spike Brothers

Grade 0 (17):
4x Cheer Girl, Marilyn (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Cheer Girl, Tiara (Heal)
1x Mecha Trainer (SV)
4x Silence Joker (Critical)
4x Sonic Breaker (Critical)

Grade 1 (12):
4x Commander, Garry Gannon
4x Funky Bazooka
4x Wonder Boy

Grade 2 (11):
4x Highspeed, Brakki
4x Spike Bouncer
3x Treasured, Black Panther

Grade 3 (10):
1x Front Line Command, Sigiswald
4x General Seifried [Force Gift]
4x Juggernaut Maximum [Force Gift]
1x Unite Attacker [Force Gift]

Spikes rely a lot more on the pressure of each column.  Forcing Guards on Seifried, as well as two high-powered columns make an opponent’s hand size dwindle fast, which is effective and highly necessary against both Neo Nectar and Gold Paladin.


Grade 0 (17):
2x Larva Mutant, Larvadraf (Draw)
1x Machining Worker Ant (SV)
4x Medical Battler, Ranpli (Heal)
4x Paralyze Madonna (Draw) [Sentinel]
3x Sharp Nail Scorpio (Critical)
3x Shelter Beetle (Critical)

Grade 1 (12):
4x Machining Hornet
4x Small Captain, Butterfly Officer
4x Spiteful Hopper

Grade 2 (11):
3x Bloody Hercules
2x Burner Ant
3x Machining Mantis
3x Nasty Smog

Grade 3 (10):
3x Death Warden Ant Lion [Protect Gift]
4x Machining Spark Hercules [Protect Gift]
3x Machining Stag Beetle [Protect Gift]

Megacolony has always liked the ability to punish formations, and the addition of Burner Ant as a Unit for moving an opponent’s board to the way you want, while being the most ideal Unit to put into soul for Hercules’ power boost, means that it’s much easier to punish an opponent that relies on specific formations.  The weaker base power doesn’t matter here at all if played correctly.

Dimension Police

Grade 0 (17):
4x Diamond Ace (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Dimensional Robo, Daibattles (Critical)
4x Dimensional Robo, Gorescue (Heal)
1x Dimensional Robo, Goyusha (SV)
4x Justice Cobalt (Critical)

Grade 1 (12):
2x Commander Laurel
4x Dimensional Robo, Daibrave
4x Dimensional Robo, Daimariner
2x Dimensional Robo, Daitiger

Grade 2 (11):
3x Cosmo Beak
4x Dimensional Robo, Daidragon
4x Miracle Cutie

Grade 3 (10):
2x Masked Police Leader, Silvard
4x Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha [Force Gift]
4x Ultimate Super Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha [Force Gift]

I experimented quite a bit with Miracle Beauty this time around but found myself going back to the deck I had previously because it was much easier to use and very straightforward.  Dimension Police forces the Vanguard attack to be guarded every turn. so why not make it harder on them?


Grade 0 (17):
1x Guiding Zombie (SV)
4x Gust Jinn (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Knight Spirit (Critical)
4x Mortal Mimic (Critical)
4x Rick the Ghostie (Heal)

Grade 1 (12):
4x Dancing Cutlass
4x Dandy Guy, Romario
2x Evil Shade
2x Norman the Ghostie

Grade 2 (11):
3x Captain Nightmist
4x Commodore Blueblood
4x Ruin Shade

Grade 3 (10):
3x Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon [Protect Gift]
4x King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk [Protect Gift]
1x Violence Flanger
2x Witch Doctor of Treachery, Negrobreach [Protect Gift]

Granblue hasn’t changed much, but they don’t really need to.  As one of the stronger solitaire decks, they don’t need much in the way of tech, just pressure.

Aqua Force

Grade 0 (17):
3x Battleship Intelligence (Critical)
3x Dolphin Soldier of High Speed Raids (Front)
4x Emerald Shield, Paschal (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir (Heal)
1x Officer Cadet, Erikk (SV)
1x Outride Dracokid (Front)
1x Supersonic Sailor (Critical)

Grade 1 (12):
4x Influent Dagger
3x Light Signals Penguin Soldier
1x Storm Rider, Eugen
4x Tear Knight, Theo

Grade 2 (11):
4x Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos
3x Tear Knight, Lazarus
4x Tidal Assault

Grade 3 (10):
4x Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom [Accel Gift]
1x Marine General of Raging Waves, Gondikas [Accel Gift]
2x Navalgazer Dragon [Accel Gift]
3x Riptide Dragon

With Resource Starving now potentially a problem, it’s important to have power boosts that are closer to free than anything.  Other than that, focus on power gain and field control, and make sure to pressure opponents to mitigate any hand size difference.

Shadow Paladin

Grade 0 (17):
4x Abyss Healer (Heal)
4x Dark Shield, Mac Lir (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Darkside Trumpeter (Critical)
4x Death Feather Eagle (Critical)
1x Fullbau (SV)

Grade 1 (12):
3x Black Sage, Charon
4x Blaster Javelin
1x Fear Sword Dragon
4x Skull Witch, Nemain

Grade 2 (11):
4x Blaster Dark
4x Darkness Maiden, Macha
3x Tragic Knight, Cathbad

Grade 3 (10):
2x Dark Mage, Badhabh Cahr
4x Phantom Blaster Dragon
4x The Dark Dictator

Shadow Paladins aim to turn their Rearguard advantage into punishment for an opponent.  A full field reduces an opponent’s hand size, while a reduced field means wiping out every called Unit.  Their advantage is abusable and provides benefits on offense and defense, giving them excellent coverage.


Grade 0 (17):
1x Stealth Beast, Cat Devil (SV)
2x Stealth Beast, Cat Rogue (Draw)
4x Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage (Draw) [Sentinel]
3x Stealth Beast, Moon Edge (Critical)
3x Stealth Dragon, Zanba Rider (Critical)
4x Stealth Fiend, Yukihime (Heal)

Grade 1 (12):
4x Stealth Beast, Million Rat
4x Stealth Dragon, Amatsu Snipe
4x Stealth Rogue of Silence, Shijimamaru

Grade 2 (11):
4x Left Arrester
3x Right Arrester
4x Swift Archer, FUSHIMI

Grade 3 (10):
3x Covert Demonic Dragon Lord, Mandala Lord [Accel Gift]
4x Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU [Accel Gift]
3x Twin Swordsman, MUSASHI [Accel Gift]

Mandala Lord is a general must if going first in order to compress the deck and prepare for the incoming ZANBAKU turn.  Preventing just the re-ride can be very powerful against decks that require a lot of Soulblast use and doesn’t cost that much.

Dark Irregulars

Grade 0 (17):
2x Blitzritter (Critical)
4x Cursed Doctor (Heal)
2x Hysteric Shirley (Draw)
4x March Rabbit of Nightmareland (Draw) [Sentinel]
1x Vermillion Gatekeeper (SV)
4x Werluchs Gefreiter (Critical)

Grade 1 (12):
4x Doreen the Thruster
4x Prisoner Beast
4x Vroukalakas

Grade 2 (11):
4x Blood Sacrifice, Ruthven
3x Blue Dust
4x Werwolf Sieger

Grade 3 (10):
3x Demon Eater [Protect Gift]
3x Ghoulish Despoiler [Protect Gift]
4x No Life King, Death Anchor [Protect Gift]

With Pressure being a necessary factor even in the early game, Blue Dust comes in to be a massive Soulcharger that also forces guards from opponents who don’t want it to hit.  Of course, this makes you deck out faster, so make sure to prepare ahead of time.

Pale Moon

Grade 0 (17):
4x Candy Clown (Heal)
1x Entertain Messenger (SV)
4x Hades Hypnotist (Draw) [Sentinel]
4x Hoop Magician (Front)
4x Skyhigh Walker (Front)

Grade 1 (12):
4x Midnight Bunny
4x Purple Trapezist
4x Starting Presenter

Grade 2 (11):
4x Amaranth Beast Tamer
4x Jumping Jill
3x Peek-A-Boo

Grade 3 (10):
1x Artilleryman
1x Comicality Chimera
4x Golden Beast Tamer [Accel Gift]
4x Nightmare Doll, Alice [Accel Gift]

It’s important to get your offense started as early as possible.  With the combos you can pull off, plus the new Peek-A-Boo to put Rearguards into a place it usually can’t be retrieved from, your early game Pressure is very strong.  Strike quick and decisively to start out in a strong position.


Thank you for reading.  I hope you’re now ready for what’s about to come.

If you have any questions, hit up the comments and I’ll be glad to respond.

~thenightsshadow, stumped on Gear Chronicle


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