A Time for Change

For those that have been with us for at least a year, well, things moving forward are going to be very different.  While I haven’t been as active on the blogging side of things as I would’ve liked, I’ve been working in the background on acquiring new people and resources that will provide a greater foundation of help and to reach the audiences we’ve wanted to reach for a long time.

So let me divulge on these plans a little bit.  I will be moving to a new main blog called Start Phase in the near future, and it will serve as the main hub and the place to go when not talking about any one game in particular.  Climax Phase will become a specialized blog for Weiss, and two new blogs, Final Phase for Buddyfight and Drive Check for Vanguard, will be debuting some time this month.  I’m also aiming to have multiple bloggers on each specialized blog so it’s not just my input and thoughts.

I look forward on welcoming 2019 with a new start.



2 thoughts on “A Time for Change”

  1. Could you drop a link to your new vg blog? I can only find that podcast with a similar name. I would really like to hear your take on new royals and narukami so thank you in advance. 🙂
    Best of luck to you and your new blogs!


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