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Friday Follow-Up: The Static Theory vs. The Dynamic Reality

Welcome Strictly Broken, and welcome everyone else, to Friday Follow-Up!

Today’s article, or rather…video, comes from Strictly Broken’s main content creator, Yuwei Peng.  Provided below is a link to the video in question.  If you follow me but aren’t aware of Strictly Broken, I invite you to give their video a listen so you can hear their points, because this article is going to be in the framework of their video.

Strictly Broken – Strictly Rants: Oversizes vs. Runners

The entire video has quite a good loose structure.  Yuwei clearly states his bias for Runners, and yet is able to distinguish why he prefers Runners, and provides several examples.  He even goes over the benefits of Oversizes at the end.

But like many other content creators, and a lot of people who think themselves competitive, there’s a major flaw in their line of thinking.  You may have already noted it from the title, but it’s important to highlight and pinpoint it, to showcase it, because it’s a really common error to fall into if one isn’t careful.  I briefly covered a portion of this topic in another post of mine (see this post for more details).

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Friday Follow-Up: The Disingenuous Separation

Welcome 9th CX, and welcome everyone else, to Friday Follow-Up!

Today’s article, or rather…podcast, comes from 9th CX.  Here’s their podcast.  Give it a listen if you haven’t already, this post utilizes their framework and builds on it.

9th Hour – The Waifu Effect 1

In the first few minutes of the podcast, Melanie begins to frame reasons why to play a “Waifu” deck.  I won’t get into the definition of a “Waifu” deck here, but I’ll probably cover this at another time should I revisit (or continue) the issue I’ll be bringing up.

It’s definitely a good argument, and brings up a lot of good points.  But, I do have a problem within these first few minutes, as there is one point I want to highlight.  How you look at that point can completely change the narrative and the context of the rest of the podcast.  There is actually nothing wrong with their general viewpoint; I agree with a lot of what they have to say.  But I believe Melanie and Michael have fallen into a trap in trying to explain that viewpoint to others.  And that trap is something I’ve been fighting in my life for a long time.

To further this along, let me ask a question in response to their podcast.  What a player is competitive, what does it mean?

(Before I move on, it’s really important I make this clear: neither Michael nor Melanie are who I refer to when I say Disingenuous in the title.)

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Friday Follow-Up: What Makes a Card Expensive?

Hey there, Emmanuel, and everyone else.  Welcome to Friday’s Follow-Up.  I tend to use this section to highlight a blog post and just comment on it with my thoughts and ideas.

It’s good to see someone else from our circle do a blog post, and which is why I wanted to highlight Emmanuel’s post before delving into the meat of the article.

Indeed, is she?  It’s said that people will price a card at the cost a player is willing to buy them at.  So, this begs the question, what makes a card expensive?  There’s a lot more factors than just playability, and those players that build decks based on what is the most expensive cards in a set are in for a real treat.

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