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Translation Thursday – Miiro

I’m back with another Translation~

Miiro is a bit of an odd one to translate, because there are some things that are untranslatable about this song that’s important to note.  Firstly, in the game Kantai collection, you send out squadrons of up to 6 ships.  Traditionally, these were done with three in front and three in the back.  Secondly, Japanese believe very strongly in duality.  That is, good is always accompanied by bad.  There is in fact a calendar called Rokuyou, where, among other things, it showcases the days that you shouldn’t do a specific thing.  These two things are important because in each chorus you’ll notice six qualities or concepts that are signified by quotation marks.  The first three are the ships in front, signifying what is to lead the charge.  The back three are the support, if you will, and they are by far worse.  This helps to not only differentiate what is ahead but also what is behind.

Finally, and this is something of a personal interpretation, but I believe the singer is Mutsuki and the person saying the English lyrics is the Admiral.  In addition, Mutsuki can’t hear the Admiral.  This’ll make more sense if you’ve watched the Kantai Collection series.

Miiro translates to “Colors”, though what it means in this context is the spectrum of colors that is possible to see.  Follow me after the drop for a YouTube link and my lyrics.

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