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Setting Up for Sunday

The next post you’ll see from me is a Tournament Report from Bushiroad’s World Championship 2015.  Good luck to all participants!


Finality Friday – World Championship 2015 (Bushiroad Games)

Finality Friday is a rundown of the general decks I have in mind as I prepare for the coming major tournaments of the area.  Since I play a lot of card games, it makes sense that I have a general idea of where I am in each deck, and can probably help others who don’t know how to prepare for a tournament.

Next weekend, specifically August 15 and 16, is going to be a heavy weekend.  I live in British Columbia, so in addition to all the card game tournaments, there’s going to be a major convention, called Anime Revolution, in the province as well.  As such, there will be a rather large split of people who would otherwise attend but will not be able to.  Now, that’s not to say that they’re all good or bad, but the less rounds you have to participate in in a tournament generally means the less focus you need to pour into a match.  Take it from me, a person who focuses better the more the moon is out, focus is quite an important resource you have to manage, especially if you don’t have unlimited amounts of it.

But even before I talk about focus, I have to talk about what games are available this weekend.  For those reading and don’t know, here’s a rundown of all the tournaments that are available next weekend:

Richmond – Executive Airport Plaza
– Cardfight Vanguard World Championship 2015 (Saturday, August 15)
– Weiss Schwarz World Championship 2015 (Sunday, August 16)
– Future Card Buddyfight World Championship 2015 (Sunday, August 16)

Prince Rupert – Good Times Games and Electronics
– Force of Will Western Canadian Nationals (Sunday, August 16)

Obviously, I can’t attend all the tournaments.  Heck, even if I go to Richmond, I can’t attend both Weiss and Buddyfight as they’re being held at the same time.  As such, I really have to determine what I’m entering, or else I’ll be preparing too many decks.  Let’s cover my decks, and then we can look at the act of preparing.  Gonna jump this because if you really want to know my decks, it’s worth doing a little click.

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Translation Thursday – Me Ga Au Toki

I’m back with another Translation~

Me Ga Au Toki is a Personal and Image Song of Chihaya Kisaragi from the game and anime series Idolm@ster.  It was probably the song that got me thinking once again about my bias against Idol groups in general since the song resonated quite a bit with me.  It got to the point where I obtained a signed Climax of this song in Weiss Schwarz despite not playing Idolm@ster as a series at that time.  I now have a deck containing only cards with Chihaya on them, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, Me Ga Au Toki roughly translates to “The Moment (our) Eyes Met”.  As you can imagine, this is a romance-focused song.  Well, follow me after the drop for a YouTube link and my lyrics.

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Weiss Wednesday – Dispelling the Double Attack Myth

==This article is rated Experience Level 7.==
Level 7 – This article is perfect for budding tournament players that wish to understand more about doing well in tournaments and increasing their win rate.

On Weiss Wednesday, aims to look at a particular aspect of the game of Weiss Schwarz and breaks it down.

Today’s aspect is cards that can “Attack” more than once.

In general, the concept seems great.  Dealing multiple instances of damage will lend itself to an opponent taking more damage on average, and in some cases will grant the user a win where they would have otherwise lost.  However, this seems to be a hard and fast rule in the world of Weiss Schwarz, and there are times when utilizing these effects is not the correct move.  I’ll explain after the jump.

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WS Deck Tech: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (English)

===This article is rated Experience Level 3.  This article is primarily for those looking for a deck to try as a starting point, those that want a fresh take on a series they already own or build, or for those that want to understand deck philosophies.===

It’s funny, really.  This is a blog that focuses primarily on Weiss Schwarz, but I haven’t posted any Weiss content yet.  Well, yeah, this is ending today.

One of the things I’ve noticed is the glut of playing styles out there.  It’s not necessarily misinformation, but when people provide deck techs or decklists, there’s rarely information of how it’s played and why individual cards were chosen.  Even a card that everyone agrees should be played can be played very differently between different people.  And none of them could be wrong.  However, that doesn’t mean that there is no one right answer.  Follow me after the break and I’ll show what I mean!

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Translation Thursday – Rally Go Round TV Size (Nisekoi: 2nd’s OP)

Welcome to Translation Thursday!  Translation Thursday aims to provide not only a translation of an anime Opening, Ending, or Insert Song, but do it in ways different than other sites dedicated to translation.  For instance, all translations here are to English, and take into account both the literal translation and the intended feeling/effect/mood as well.  In addition, all lyrics provided match up to the song and rhyme as well, so you can sing along when you listen to the music.  There are other small nuances to my translations due to my musical and linguistic background, but they’re usually minor and won’t be noted.

This week, we’ll be looking at Rally Go Round, Nisekoi: 2nd’s Opening Theme.  This week was hectic, so it’ll only be the TV Size today, but I’ll update it as the days go by until the full version is up.  It typically takes me two weeks to do a full version, but I thought I could try and do it this week.  Oh well.

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