(Weiss Articles) What are Experience Levels?

Hello everyone, this is thenightsshadow.  This is an introductory and precursor post for my articles, and I’ll use this time to talk about Experience Levels.


For those that don’t play Weiss Schwarz, essentially, Experience is a term designating something happening in the Level Zone, but in most cases characters with Experience gain a bonus for having a certain number of Levels in the characters in the Level Zone.  This ranges from Level 0 to Level 9.  It’s a very good parallel when discussing about articles.  Many different types of players of Weiss Schwarz exist, and their skill levels vary.  Sometimes an article isn’t for you, and that’s okay.  Recognizing where you are and where your goal is may be a topic for another day, but it helps to recognize where you are.


As such, I’d like to go over every single Experience Level so that way you have a general idea of where you are.

Level 0 – This article is perfect for players that have only learned the game, or are just wanting to learn how the game works.  It’s basic in nature and uses language that people that do not play Weiss Schwarz can understand.

Level 1 – This article is perfect for players that have just picked up a Trial Deck, or are unsure about what series to focus on.  They know the basics on how to play, but likely not any advanced strategies.  Articles of this nature will be rare, as they almost exclusively focus on non-game material such as choosing a set to play, or how to extract what you want from an article.

Level 2 – This article is perfect for players who have chosen a set and wish to understand their set better, or need help in recognizing what playstyle would suit them best.  This is the most common article that beginner-level players should read, as it helps to acclimatize them into the terminology and language of Weiss Schwarz, and sometimes helps to teach informal language generally used that are not official game terms.

Level 3 – This article is perfect for those that recognize their status as a beginner and want to learn how to become a better player.  This level showcases differences in game styles, situations, and the reasons behind the way a beginner plays and the way an intermediate plays.  In addition, it expands on each level prior by showing some differences in card analysis.

Level 4 – This article is perfect for the new tournament player.  Intended for both beginners and intermediates, this article is meant to showcase how a tournament looks like, both good and bad, and provides answers for basic tournament questions.  There are also helpful guides as to how much more you have to be prepared for your first Japanese-language Weiss Schwarz tournament.

Level 5 – This article is perfect for those that wish to ask questions.  The kinds of intermediate players are very broad and are most likely the ones to ask questions, but this is intended for all levels of players.  Level 5 articles cover a broad range of topics, including from all other levels of play, but typically just knowing the questions that are being asked is helpful, even to a beginner.  To forward me a question, feel free to e-mail me at thenightsshadow (at) gmail.com with the Subject Line “Question”, or send it my way on Twitter.  Comments on any of my articles will also suffice.

Level 6 – This article is perfect for those that recognize their status as an intermediate and want to eliminate the small mistakes in their play that may not be recognizable.  I tend to take video footage and explain plays, both in the context of their series and in their recognizable playstyle, however I’m more open to changing up the format as necessary.

Level 7 – This article is perfect for budding tournament players that wish to understand more about doing well in tournaments and increasing their win rate.  This is where I begin to talk about not just play but also meta-play, such as practicing techniques, playstyle analysis in-game, matchups, and numerology.  A player’s memory will be taxed by this level and above, but that is how central a lot of these concepts are to the typical tournament player, whether they recognize it or not.

Level 8 – This article is perfect for those that do well in multiple areas of the game, but have trouble doing this consistently for months in a row.  I expand on each topic at Level 7, but also provide tips for keeping one’s Level high and not letting it decrease.  On very rare occasions, I will also provide health and dietary tips, as well as provide my personal recipes that will help to keep not only your mind fresh but to keep the body healthy.

Level 9 – This article is perfect for those who aim for the title of World Champion, and who aim to keep this title.  This level provides even more health tips, but focuses it now on synergizing your mental and physical acuity with your Weiss Schwarz acuity, especially for momentum-based and emotional-based players.  Consistency now becomes the name of the game, and learning to divert your limited focus on the things that matter, and letting parts of the game you have practiced and learned become almost instinctual in nature will be a regular topic.


Nice to meet you, and hope to see you on the other side of the table,
~thenightsshadow, who hopes this wasn’t too much of an information dump

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